Beyond Numbers – Essential Skills For A Successful Payroll Career

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business no matter how large or small, is to ensure employees are paid correctly and on time. A good payroll administrator who can efficiently manage the company’s accounts on a day-to-day basis, constantly working to strict deadlines, is the difference between the failure or long term sustainability of a business.

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The Future of Cyber Security

For decades we have feared threats on our cyber infrastructure and the resulting effects an attack could leave behind. Cyber-attacks affect every computer, everywhere, even computers that function as an isolated intranet network could still be threatened by malicious codes transferred through portable storage devices. Users and specialists should be aware of the various cyber security developments and implement them

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T4S Telecoms a Leading Recruiter for the ICT & Telecoms Market

ICT and telecommunications have fast become the backbone of both industry and economic development, but with an increase in our reliance on technology, there has also been an increase in the demand for IT security, data security and the management of these technologies. For organisations to meet industry standards and implement processes more efficiently, we need more knowledgeable, trained ICT

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So, You Want to Be a Full Stack Developer? Here Are the Languages to Learn

Full stack developers are professionals who are proficient in completing all of the various software development stages, such as planning, front-end technologies, back-end technologies, project management, quality assurance and database management. These developers are capable of creating the elements that people interact with (front-end), as well as, managing database and server-side implementations that users can’t see (back-end). Demand for full

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The 4 Key Values of Agile Project Management

The last few years has seen the growth in popularity of Agile methodology in project management. Adaptability and teamwork being top rated soft skills, are also key factors in successful Agile projects. In an ever evolving, fast-paced business world, it makes sense to adopt an approach that can respond quickly to changes, is collaborative and can break down each step

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Tips For A Successful VoIP Interview – VoIP Recruitment

Cost effective and convenient, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is fast becoming an essential communicating tool for businesses of all sizes; and not just for remote business meetings. With global hiring on the increase, VoIP is proving to be an invaluable recruitment tool. Remote job interviews are commonplace in today’s corporate world so it’s vital that candidates are familiar with

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Lights, camera, interview!

Although over half of our business remains in and around London, this year we have made placements in seven different countries. This is obviously a huge challenge to source, screen and co-ordinate interviews with candidates. On many occasions we are recruiting for a client in one country, the candidate is in another, and our business is based in London. It

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Network/Security Engineer – Zaventem, Belgium

T4S is working with a fast-growing high performance IT professional services delivering a large scale of IT solutions worldwide. Location – Headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium Position – Permanent Network/Security Engineer As a network engineer you’ll be required to hit the ground running with minimum supervision and a positive attitude, applying your existing skills and experience. You must possess excellent communication

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Network Engineer (NOC) – Frankfurt -€40,000 – €48,000

T4S are working with a fast-growing high performance company providing MPLS network engineers for multiple companies such as network providers and mass media companies. Location – Headquarters in the Frankfurt area Salary – €40,000 – €48,000 Position – Permanent Network Engineer (NOC) As a network engineer you’ll be required to hit the ground running with minimum supervision and a positive

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Chip of the old block (But this Blockbuster is here to stay!)

Blockchain technology is considered as one of the critical elements of the next technology revolution. It is also often referred to as the “next internet” because of its robustness and transparency. The blockchain technology is expected to offer unique solutions across industries, from finance to retail, publishing and a host of other unlikely candidates. What is blockchain? The Blockchain is

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