T4S Telecoms a Leading Recruiter for the ICT & Telecoms Market

ICT and telecommunications have fast become the backbone of both industry and economic development, but with an increase in our reliance on technology, there has also been an increase in the demand for IT security, data security and the management of these technologies. For organisations to meet industry standards and implement processes more efficiently, we need more knowledgeable, trained ICT and Telecoms professionals who can provide cost effective solutions for today’s tech organisations.

With the continued advancement of technology, standards play an important role in removing trade barriers and enabling businesses to utilise the latest technology without the typical learning curve. This is where T4S Telecoms comes in.

T4S Telecoms Offers Innovative Staffing Solutions

T4S Telecoms provides for both permanent and contract recruitment across EMEA & the US, in a wide range of multi-vendor solutions in the ICT & Telecoms market. From Data and Voice, to Unified Communications and Video, T4S Telecoms has partnered with vendors, carriers, service providers and system integrators around the globe to provide effective solutions to their ICT and Telecom recruitment needs. We have proven ourselves successful and are experienced in the following sectors:

  • Sales & Presales
  • Network & Security Technology
  • Operations & Business Transformation
  • Product & Marketing

Jobs for Engineers in the ICT and Telecoms Sector

The ICT and telecommunications area is a rapidly developing sector with jobs available making trained and experienced professionals in high demand. Innovations in technology affect people around the world in every industry from health care and transportation, to computers, mobile devices and more. With every new innovation in technology, we see even more new product developments and this is what has fueled the market for the past decade.

Both in the UK and abroad, the ICT and telecommunications sectors hold a well-established presence and have become a leading factor in the range of high-demand products around the world including software, hardware and telecommunications services.

Areas of activity divide into distinctive but linked areas:

  • Hardware (network engineering): designing networks, linking computers together, designing new types of chips, processors and computers.
  • Software: designing, writing and testing software.
  • Information systems: designing, configuring, implementing and installing complete computer systems.
  • Telecommunications: designing and developing technologies for broadcast, mobile and optical communications, such as mobile phones and podcasting technologies.

Skilled and Trained Professionals from T4S Telecom

With telecommunications being one of the fastest-moving sectors in the world, companies need ICT and telecommunications staffing that is highly skilled and able to handle a wide range of jobs from research and project management to software development and more.

T4S Telecom recruits demonstrate exceptional creative, problem-solving and project management skills as well as effective interpersonal skills for more client-facing roles. When you need skilled and trained ICT and telecommunications professionals, contact T4S Telecom today and let one of our recruitment specialists assist you and provide a no-obligation consultation to discuss your technology staffing needs.

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