The 4 Key Values of Agile Project Management

The last few years has seen the growth in popularity of Agile methodology in project management.

Adaptability and teamwork being top rated soft skills, are also key factors in successful Agile projects. In an ever evolving, fast-paced business world, it makes sense to adopt an approach that can respond quickly to changes, is collaborative and can break down each step of the project into manageable chunks to ensure a quicker end result.

Initially used in software development, the Agile mindset is being embraced by other industries, and the ability to demonstrate Agile knowledge and competency is fast becoming a sought-after recruitment requirement.

Here’s a look at the 4 key values of Agile project management.

1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

The Agile methodology values the importance of people over things. That’s not to say processes and tools aren’t essential, but there’s more emphasis on each individual team member who is valued for their skills, characteristics and input.

agile full stack developer jobsTeams that work together with the same spirit of collaboration will have better understanding of each other and will work more effectively than those who have limited contact during a project.

The success of an Agile project is not and should not be down to one individual, but the entire team.

2. Working software over comprehensive documentation

Documentation is important in any project, however it should also be linked to customer value. Cutting down on unnecessary, over-long documentation and keeping it relevant to customer needs, increases the efficiency of a project and helps speed up the process.

3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Agile is all about including the customer in all phases of the project and using their feedback in the decision making process. This helps teams adapt to on-going changes rather than trying to find solutions to problems at the end of the project. Not only is it a more cost effective approach, but it also ensures greater customer satisfaction.

4. Responding to change over following a plan

The ability to adapt and change are fundamental to a successful Agile project. Rather than stick to a rigid plan from beginning to end, teams have the flexibility to change things throughout each stage to meet customer needs. It’s an evolving process for both the team members and the customer.

Agile Project management jobs UK

As the project is broken down into stages, known as ‘sprints’, problems can be addressed immediately and solutions found before moving on to the next stage. This also helps maintain the integrity and quality of the end product.

Ultimately the goal of an Agile methodology is to streamline the entire process and create a well-functioning team of individuals who can collaborate and adapt quickly to collectively deliver a successful outcome in a far shorter period of time.

The result is a higher quality product, substantial cost savings, speedier completion and a happier customer.

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