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VoIP recruitmentCost effective and convenient, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is fast becoming an essential communicating tool for businesses of all sizes; and not just for remote business meetings.

With global hiring on the increase, VoIP is proving to be an invaluable recruitment tool. Remote job interviews are commonplace in today’s corporate world so it’s vital that candidates are familiar with digital interviewing skills and best practice to make a good impression. Here’s some top tips for a successful VoIP interview.

Practice beforehand

Practice makes perfect. Interviews are awkward enough, but talking in front of a camera can be even more nerve wracking, especially if you’re not used to it. Video call a friend and set up a mock interview. They can offer their input and let you know how the webcam and mic are working. Record yourself so you can play it back and actually see yourself. That way you can iron out any kinks or negative body language before the actual interview.

Choose the right surroundings

Firstly position yourself sitting at a desk or table. Cross-legged on your bed doesn’t make a good impression.

Choose a neutral background. The interviewer doesn’t want to see what your kitchen looks like, or personal items behind you. A cluttered background can be distracting so ensure you create a business-like setting with soft and natural lighting.

No distractions

Choose a quiet spot and make sure anyone else at home knows about your interview, so you won’t be interrupted by barking dogs or crying babies. Turn off or mute your mobile and turn off notification alerts on your computer ahead of time. Consider using a talk-piece headset to eliminate background noise and keep you in the ‘zone’.

Check your connection

Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection to limit the chance of line drops and other technical glitches. Pixelation, screen freezes, voice echoes and interference can be frustrating, but if they do occur, stay calm, tell the interviewer, then hang up and redial.

I.T recruitment job interviewDress for the part

Would you attend a face-to-face interview in jogging pants and Rolling Stones T-Shirt? Make sure you dress exactly as you would if you were meeting in person, from top to bottom, not just the waist up. You don’t necessarily need to wear a suit and tie, but aim for casual, yet tidy.


First impressions count and you want to immediately come across as confident and at ease. You can’t shake hands, but greeting with a smile can help break the ice and develop a rapport from the offset.

Body language

Lean slightly forward without hunching your shoulders to show you are actively listening. Think about your posture, don’t slouch back or lean on your elbows. Remember this is an interview, not a Skype chat with your friends.

Ask relevant questions

Ensure you have a list of pertinent questions to ask when prompted towards the end of the interview. This will show you’ve prepared, rather than ending with ‘umm…’ and having to think up something on the spot.

Executing a successful interview will go a long way to impressing a prospective employer and demonstrates capability and professionalism. Good luck!

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