VoIP: A technology for Next Generation Companies

Have you heard of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? If you haven’t heard of it, you have been living under a bridge. VoIP covers a broad range of technologies from Skype and Google Hangouts to esque offerings like Lync and IP desk phones.

On the other hand, a traditional telephone system which is also referred to as a legacy system not only provides poor audio quality but also costs more while making it difficult for remote workers to access and use. VoIP provides many of the answers to these problems and is relatively cheaper and practical to be implemented. As VoIP offers huge advantages, it has become one of the most popular choice for modern businesses.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of VoIP over traditional/legacy landline PBX telephone system and why companies are opting for transition.

  • VoIP eliminates the need of multiple vendors: Many legacy PBX solutions demands services like calling, video conferencing, and instant messaging from different vendors.
    In fact, depending on the wants and needs of the company, businesses are required to pay different fees for every service they opt. However, the need for multiple vendors can be eliminated if the legacy landline PBX is replaced with VoIP. VoIP’s features include long distance calling, video conferencing, auto attendant, and instant messaging.
  • It is feature-friendly: As businesses are ever-changing, the change in communication system is also necessary. VoIP allows organisations to add or delete the features as and when required promoting productivity. Legacy PBX lacks these features.
  • VoIP is disaster friendly: Disaster can strike anytime. With Legacy PBX, companies can be left without phone services or other communication channels. However, VoIP can be hosted at more than one location and therefore, it is disaster friendly. VoIP always provides access to the phone system and other communication channels. Therefore, VoIP is often considered as a practical choice for companies who want to reduce costs while providing an all in one communication solution.

Greatest Trends and Technologies in VoIP

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and VoIP Integration: Today, IoT is shaping the business by allowing employers and employees to work at any location and from any device. The integration has allowed businesses to create smart offices that further helps in improving efficiency and performance. VoIP integration with IoT is ideal for businesses that demands a lot of business travel. Further, the integration of VoIP with IoT has enabled businesspeople to receive alerts automatically on receiving text or e-mail. Also, this integration aids in constructing a complete digital office while away from office location.
  • VoiP integration with other cloud-based management tools: Multi-tasking and integrating with other platforms are some of the features that businesspeople look forward to receiving in their management tools. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used by cloud-based platforms, tools and products enables integration of VoIP with accounting systems, help desk programs, customer relationship management software and company contract centres. The integration enables streamlining company/client communications and also helps in increasing the speed of response time.
  • Collaboration of VoIP/UC: The VoIP and UC services can be now merged into viable apps that can replace e-mails. Chat and instant messaging services can be provided to the users utilising VoIP and UC features. These features can also be implemented into video conferencing too. Furthermore, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are already using this new technology. These apps help in eliminating daily cyber-chain of e-mail messages while allowing internal company communications.
  • RingCentral: RingCentral offers its customers a single, unified application which can be used for group messaging, audio, video, fax, SMS, collaboration and conferencing on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. This unified app also offers more than 40 out-of-the-box integrations like Zoho, Marketo, ServiceNow and Salesforce that can help increase the productivity of employees.

How companies are selling VoIP services to the market?

It is, in fact, difficult for VOIP service providers to stand out from in the market and win in competitive situations. When prices across competitors are equalized, the only way to win customer’s business by providing robustness of services which includes offering “extras”. Here are some highlights on how companies are selling VoIP services (Unified Communications, UCaas, Cloud hosted VoIP, Internally hosted VoIP):

  • Highlighting product’s ability to scale: Often service providers make it clear to prospects about the strongest technological infrastructure – one that can meet both current and future bandwidth needs.
  • Taking the potential clients in the right direction: As there are many new technologies that fall under the VoIP umbrella, prospective clients may be aware of only a few of them. The service providers helps the prospects know the best products that helps their business needs.
  • One-stop shop for all the managed VoIP needs: Showcasing the organisation’s services, offerings and skill sets often help service providers in selling VoIP services. As majority of customers don’t have the in-house expertise to handle migrations to the advanced VoIP, managing all the customers’ communication needs is one of the great ways of selling VoIP services in the market.

If you are one of the service providers, it is important to keep yourself updated about what is happening in the industry (especially in an industry like telecommunication). This is because your knowledge can provide your company with a leg up on the competition while providing you with an idea on how to take your company to next level.

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